About Our Company

GAP INŞAAT founded in 1989 with the knowledge and skills from the past has become one of the leading companies in the industry today by completing its projects under the responsibility. Our company's main areas of activity; infrastructure and superstructure works related to hospitals, military buildings, tunnels, intersections, public housing construction.

As GAP INSAAT, we always take attention to deliver in the designed conditions and time many projects we undertake with our professional management team and our qualified employees. We put customer satisfaction and uncompromisin quality principle into the focus of our Works.

Our work experience and stability constitute a solid foundation for us to carry confidently into the future. We are working by integrating innovative engineering solutions to our business in order to give the provision for having confidence in us.

We implement our growth strategy in a stable manner by developing global business relationships and by undertaking regional projects in our neighbor geography. We create value by supporting our investments based in Turkey with projects in surrounding countries. Technological, structural, financial and institutional development as required by globally competition form the basis of our company.



Our business processes are progressing based on internationally accepted procedures. We accept as a binding contract the requirements of the certificates ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety System. We, at this point, discuss all the processes from the engineering phase to the commissioning with a care meeting and exceeding the conditions as specified within this certificate.

Thanks to business processes observed continuously, we include the current and the best practices to the implementation plans, procedures, specifications and design guidelines. We query continuously each of engineering detail and re-examine in completed and ongoing projects, and constantly seeks and develop innovative engineering solutions for better and more efficient results.

We have made our job security the main principle of our work pursuant to 'zero accidents' policy we have adopted and take care to form work environments protecting the safety of our employees in an extreme point. We support and check our employees through periodic training for their own safety.

All construction, office and project areas act with the awareness of our responsibility towards the environment and act in a preventative approach to environmental safety.


As GAP INSAAT, we are proud of our employees and for a being company to be proud of their work. By focusing on providing economic and social benefits our country and community in regions we operate, we are in each business as a volunteer.
Our is to continue to be the firm which they prefer due to our ethical and true business principles and while maintaining our growth with a reasonable profit magrin.


We aim to continue our growth with our healthy and corporate structure and the current technological resources, competent human resources since the first day in GAP INSAAT and to be a company preferred for reliable, stable and large projects.

An individual of GAP İnşaat family is responsible for showing maximum effort in order to adopt and support this aim and to contribute to the realization of this aim.